The Retail Industry in New Hampshire: Myths, Realities And The Impacts of New Hampshire’s Sales Tax Advantage

While New Hampshire’s retail industry has long been thought to be important to New Hampshire’s economy, misconceptions regarding the characteristics of retail jobs have been in abundance.  A new study shows that New Hampshire’s sales tax free advantage gives real value to the state, and that retail is offering good paying career opportunities to workers.

Polecon Research has released a study – sponsored by the New Hampshire Retail Association – that provides a detailed, accurate, and complete picture of the retail industry, it’s employees, and it’s role in New Hampshire’s economy.  Nancy Kyle, President/CEO of the NH Retail Association stated “This is the first time we’ve had pertinent, solid information about retail’s contribution to New Hampshire’s economy, and just how much impact our sales tax free status has.”

Click here to see the study.(PDF)

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