Member Benefits

The New Hampshire Retail Association is a unique association that cares about the retailing industry in the state of New Hampshire. We constantly strive to expand activities, services and programs to meet our member’s ever-changing needs. Through membership in the NH Retail Association, small businesses gain access to volume discounts and information resources typically only available to larger stores, allowing you to improve your business in ways that would be too expensive or difficult for you to do alone.

Membership in the NH Retail Association doesn’t cost you money, it saves you money! We use the combined buying power of our members to offer a variety of services and programs that can increase your business’ profits. Whatever your needs, we can recommend a program for you. We’ve done the research and talked with the providers, thereby saving you time and money.

The number one reason you’re in business is to make a profit, and that is one of our’s primary concerns. Our programs are ultimately geared to help you survive and prosper. From credit card processing to workers’ compensation insurance, we can recommend a program for you that can save you money.

General Benefits

Annual Meeting/Legislative Luncheon
Each February, the New Hampshire Retail Association hosts an Annual Meeting to which all members are invited. This is a business meeting where members can find out more information about the Association.

This is followed by our Member/Legislative Luncheon, which is a chance for members to meet each other and meet the New Hampshire Senators and Representatives in an informal atmosphere. Many times our Governor and Attorney General also attend. We present our Retailer and Legislator of the Year Awards at this reception.

Legislative Lobbying
Legislative Lobbying is the prime service that the NH Retail Association provides. Being knowledgeable about state laws under which you must operate your business is important. It is vital that your business is protected from the constant threat of increased taxes and other legislative mandates which increase the cost of doing business. The NH Retail Association provides this protection via our full time lobbying firm, The Dupont Group, who serves as a link between legislators in Concord and the retail merchants we represent. Our biggest legislative success was defeating the sales tax introduced by our governor in the 2001 Legislative Season.

Legislative Email Alerts
During New Hampshire’s Legislative Session, our Legislative Email Alerts let you know what’s happening with the bills and laws at the State House that can affect your business, as they are being drafted and voted on.  The NH Retail Association takes a proactive stand on problems and issues affecting our members and we often ask for input or help in testifying.

Social Media
The quickest way to know what the NH Retail Association is doing, is to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check us out on Linked In, and view our You Tube Channel. We feature status updates on what we are doing, what our staff is up to, our events and our members.

Our newsletter Retail Recap is sent electronically to members.  It contains information on our programs, events and providers.  Occasionally, NH Retail Association members are solicited for articles on timely subjects. Content of our newsletter is run at the discretion of the association and is subject to editing. Paid advertising is accepted in our newsletter, call our offices for details.

Free Membership in the National Retail Federation
A membership in the New Hampshire Retail Association now qualifies you for a free membership in the National Retail Federation.  Now you can be up to date on state and federal issues, and utilize all of NRF’s resources such as the weekly Main Street Recap newsletter.

Membership Referral
If you are a member and refer a new member, we will give them a gift certificate from you redeemable for $100 off their first year’s dues. When they join and redeem their gift certification, you will receive $100 off your next year’s dues.

New England Organized Retail Crime Alliane (NEORCA)
The NH Retail Association, along with the other NE State Retail Associations, is proud to support the New England Organized Crime Alliance (NEORCA). NEORCA is a statewide crime-fighting partnership which allows retailers and law enforcement to communicate about criminal activity impacting businesses on a real-time basis while preventing other partners from being victimized. The searchable website and its mapping capabilities are focused on providing real-time crime alert system. More information can be found at:

Our Mission
The New Hampshire Retail Association's mission is to advocate, promote and support retailers to improve economic prosperity for our state.

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